Come Dive With Us, Come Dive, Come Dive Away


We have some of the best diving in the world within a day’s sail of our south Florida home base. Our crew is reliable and the boat is top notch, we are PADI 5 certified and a very friendly sort. These are some of the reasons we are considered one of the go-to outfits to hook up with when wanting an extraordinary dive experience.

It’s not unusual before setting off on a three or four-day sailing expedition for us to have the best party catering companies come dockside to get us off on the right foot with a sumptuous breakfast. We start early, 6am and there is no diving for the first two hours. As we make sail for the reef, guest sit-back and relax. Well satiated, anticipation runs high as we motor out into the open seas towards our destination.

The mood is light and it’s apparent everyone is in the best of spirits, because by early afternoon they will be diving the second longest barrier reef in the world. The entire trip takes us to several popular reef dives and we end our sojourn at Glover’s Reef, off the coast of Belize, before heading home.

Cozumel Island, Mexico
One of the highlights leading up to the grand finalé of Glover’s Reef is a day and night in the waters off of Cozumel. During the day the turquoise water is mesmerizing and invites our guest in with open arms and a warm embrace.

night-diversThis is our destination for our one and only night dive of a four-day sail. With a tether system in place, no one can get too caught up in the wonders and get disoriented or lost. Rob and Abe our AI, usually take our guest down to see the wildlife which prefers the cloak of darkness.

Most marine life is asleep, but several are nocturnal and seem very curious about the addition of human creatures in their private space, – and this makes for a very special dive. Exploring the nooks and crannies, divers see spiny lobster, grumpy looking moray eels, tube worms aglow lit from the inside out. Large schools of glimmering barracuda don’t seem to take the night off and are more curious than most.

Glover’s Reef
Considered one of the best dive spots in the Caribbean, Glovers’ Reef is one of three atolls offshore of Belize, Central America. The prodigious barrier reef, second only to the Great Barrier Reef off Australia’s east coast offers an array of marine life that feeds off of and calls the reef home. The water is remarkably clear and pristine, since the open currents constantly refresh and revitalize the area.

Glover’s Reef – like many renowned areas of the Caribbean was named after a notorious pirate. In this case it bears the name of the 17th century pirate, John Glover. History tells us that Glover used the atoll to hide out between raids on Spanish merchant ships.

With several stops between Cozumel and Glover’s Reef we never leave our guests disappointed. Eating fresh caught lobster with a side of lively conversation on the last night at sea, our fellow divers are already planning their next trip with Atlantis Kemer and crew.

It seems we make lifelong friendships with every excursion we take. We live a blessed life and never go a day without giving thanks for the ability to share it with so many of you.

Leave a comment below this article. Tell us your favorite dive destination and why you would recommend we get our boat over there on our next sail. In the meantime, get wet!