Caring for Our Coral Reefs


As professional dive instructors, tour guides and stewards of our beautiful oceans, we instruct our clientele on basic diving protocol. Needless to say, most of the folks who come on board our boat, have likely had enough exposure to be responsible divers, but we take them through a crash course nonetheless.

As well traveled, citizens of the world, we feel the need to cherish the environment, and as explorers of the underwater realms, we gladly take on the roles of caretakers. It’s kind of like an emergency tow truck service Aurora Colorado when they are sent to help a citizen in distress and they’re put to the test, they have everything they need to get the job done right. Very similar to that business model, we also make sure every bit of equipment is running at full capacity – we don’t leave anything up to chance. Our clientele’s safety and the safety of the water we put them in, are our top priorities.

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Underwater National Parks

When most of us think of a national park we think, trees and dirt trails. Unless your life is on the water, few seldom associate a park with being underwater. In reality, millions of acres of land have been dedicated to the preservation and renewal of our underwater world. Very little of this vast underwater paradise has been explored by divers.

Since Atlantis Kemer’s home base is on Key West, part of Florida’s southern archipelago, our location opens us up to several National Parks on the Eastern seaboard. Last year, while our company boat, Sea Goddess was in dry dock we chartered a 45-foot schooner and went on holiday to explore. It was a beautiful ship managed by my friend’s company, who also runs a top rated buffalo tow service further inland who delivered the vessel to us. In fact they’ve developed many companies over the years much like a rejuvenating underwater ecosystem would do.

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Stories of the Deep

When your life revolves around the sea as ours does, you hear stories. Stories of deep sea monsters, mermaids and giant squids right out of a Moby Dick novel, are just some of the tales we’ve heard. Most stories about mysterious creatures we shrug off as ‘not bloody likely’, but others enter the realm of real possibility.

Over the years we have personally seen our share of magical and mystical creatures on dives, but most have been previously documented. We consider these rare sightings perks of the trade. While diving with friends off the coast of Baja, California, we had the unique pleasure of swimming with Whale Sharks. It would take the biggest tow truck St Louis MO had available to haul this magnificent creature on land. Yet these 40 foot harmless “monsters” glide effortlessly through the tropical waters filtering plankton as they go.

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Come Dive With Us, Come Dive, Come Dive Away


We have some of the best diving in the world within a day’s sail of our south Florida home base. Our crew is reliable and the boat is top notch, we are PADI 5 certified and a very friendly sort. These are some of the reasons we are considered one of the go-to outfits to hook up with when wanting an extraordinary dive experience.

It’s not unusual before setting off on a three or four-day sailing expedition for us to have the best party catering companies come dockside to get us off on the right foot with a sumptuous breakfast. We start early, 6am and there is no diving for the first two hours. As we make sail for the reef, guest sit-back and relax. Well satiated, anticipation runs high as we motor out into the open seas towards our destination.

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