scuba-diving-pairMy husband Rob and I have had a dive operation since the early 90s. It’s been our pleasure to have been able to dive all over the world and share the experiences with a number of enthusiastic and satisfied customers.

One day, after we completed another spectacular dive off the Australian coast, a client approached me with the idea of starting a blog. In 2007 I started writing about the varied life of a passionate Dive Master and general, overall Host of the Seas.

For the past 16 years Rob and I have followed the seasons. We keep our 55’ sailboat on the Southeastern seaboard of the US, but partner with local dive shops when we travel to far off destinations like Australia or Indonesia.

It’s been difficult sticking with just 3 to 4 favorite areas, but we’ve managed to build a reputation for being reliable and professional, and there’s no way we want to risk damaging that reputation by spreading ourselves too thin. As a result, we’ve become experts in some of the most sought after dive spots in the world.

Over the years it’s been our pleasure to have established partnerships with the locals since we are not always citizens of the country whose shores we often run excursions. We double the business of those who we partner with and keep their personal work load down. They love Atlantis Kemer and we love them.

We offer on-board lodging, but also partner with local hotels. Our guest can expect a care-free vacation from beginning to end. If they choose to stay on land, our packages also offer accommodations in large or smaller boutique hotels.

Atlantis Kemer’s blog site is about bringing news of the best dive experiences from the perspective of person, place and price. Atlantis Kemer appeals to the new as well as the experienced diver. We specialize in whatever the client wants. We employ dive instructors for PADI certification. We wreck dive, reef dive, shark dive, blue hole dive and visit underwater ruins.

While we primarily tank dive, we also take parties out for snorkeling adventures in the Caribbean. The second longest barrier reef in the world is an easy sail from our home docking port. We know that reef sites don’t always require a tank to have a magical experience of our spectacular underwater world. The adventures are endless.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Rob and I are always interested in learning more about who is on our site, so please leave a comment below each article and tell us more about your diving escapades.

See you on the underside,